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Enterprise Holdings | Web Applications

Enterprise Holdings Inc. 

Enterprise Holdings, Inc. and its affiliates offer car rental, car sharing, truck rental, fleet management, retail car sales and other transportation services. Enterprise Holdings operates the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent-A-Car brands at more than 9,900 locations in over 90 countries worldwide. Its affiliate, Enterprise Fleet Management, provides full-service fleet management to companies, government agencies and other organizations.

'Odyssey' is an application for the management of availability, capacity, inventory and products and rates of EHI. It is an archaic application based on Oracle facing many challenges such as ageing technology, high volume of changes, large data sets and multiple entry points.  

EHI was looking for a modern, intuitive and user-friendly web application interface. I am leading a design team to enable this transformation with the most efficient and intuitive user experience and user interface. It is challenging to keep learning efforts to a minimum while redefining UX & UI for better usability. 

Understanding the pain points in the existing system is just a starting point to convert the whole application into a modern user-friendly application following the design strategy as mentioned below.     

UX design strategy | Customer centricity

Focus on the customer

Customer-centric enterprises use segmentation to align and focus on specific, targeted user segments

Know customer lifetime value

An enterprises move beyond a transactional mentality and instead focus on creating long-term relationships based on an accurate understanding of how the customer derives value from the solution

Understand customer’s needs

Customer-centric enterprises move beyond merely listening to customers who ask for features. Instead, they invest the time to identify underlying and ongoing customer needs

Think and feel like the customer

Customer-centric enterprises see the world from their customer’s point of view

Build whole product solution

Customer-centric enterprises design a complete solution for the user’s needs, ensuring that the initial and long-term experience of the customer is always ideal and evolving as needed

Ux process | Agile methodology
process visual EHI.png
UX focus | Cognitive load

Avoid visual clutter

Applying the principle of data-ink ratio from the graphic design, we can substantially declutter the user interface. Non-Data-Ink is to be deleted everywhere where possible to maintain a minimal and simple interface. At the same time, we need to be cautious about oversimplification. 

Offload tasks

We identified the elements in process and design where users need to read text, remember info, or make a decision. To reduce cognition, we looked for alternatives like showing images, use of icons, saving previous values, and setting defaults. We can not offload all user tasks but the freed mental resources can focus on more decisions that are essential

Build on existing mental models

Users already have mental models about how this application works. We leveraged the existing mental model and built on top of that. The new system is intuitive, it reduces the amount of learning users need to work with the new application. 

High fidelity wireframes

That's all about it! thank you

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