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Carnival Corp. | Web application

Carnival Corporation

Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest leisure travel company, provides travellers around the globe with extraordinary vacations. The brand comprises the world’s largest cruise company with a fleet of 87 ships visiting over 700 ports around the world.

Combining over 225,000 daily cruise guests and 100,000 shipboard employees, more than 325,000 people are sailing aboard the Carnival Corporation fleet every single day, totalling about 85 million passenger cruise days a year.

Carnival Corp's global experience & innovation group was looking for experience transformation by integrating of an advanced property and guest management system for their staff and customers.  

'Latitude' is a project defining the transformation by re-imagining business processes, and creating a simple, faster way of interaction for guests and carnival staff.

I led Ux design for Carnival's youth program, POS and Shorex admin module of Latitude. The goal was to achieve a consistent and intuitive user experience with ease of use of modern responsive web applications. 

High fidelity Prototype
Design Focus

In the design for Carnival's youth program, POS, and Shorex admin module, the focus was on data visualisation and making it meaningful and useful for the user. We started with the inquiry of users and their usage patterns. The Youth program dashboard gives an idea about all young passengers on board the ship, what activities are going on, and their participation in those. It gives a clear idea about age groups, health conditions like allergies, and special needs if any. 

POS application handles the tracking of all points of sale on the ship and onshore. It shows the summary of bookings from all these points along with availability. Users can configure rates, change availability, add POS, and enable/disable POS from the interface. The basic idea was to show the pattern of sales at POS so that the ship activity manager and shore excursion admin could plan more relevant activities for users onboard.

The design team followed the branding guidelines shared by Carnival and worked with two more design teams to ensure consistency in design with other modules of the Latitude.

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