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I strive to envision compelling user experiences through interactions that are shaped by user research, and insights and crafted to empower and engage people. check a few of my projects below documented focusing on process and outcome.

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VMware | Product Design 

Product Designer III

Spearheaded product design for VDP and ClearSky projects at VMware, revolutionizing hybrid cloud management. Through extensive research, strategic planning, and meticulous execution, contributed to the enhancement of VMware's product offerings. 

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EHI Modernization | Web App

Lead UX Designer

Digital modernization for Enterprise Holdings. Defining UX for enterprise applications with the team of designers at TCS Interactive. Participatory design approach by working closely with users, customers, dev & business units.

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Banking Application

UX Designer

Banking application targeted towards reducing customer inquiry calls.
The design goal was to show all relevant account information upfront and convey the status of each transaction.

Drona Aviation | Pluto Controller 

UX Designer

Pluto is a smartphone-based controller app for a micro-drone. The task was to redesign the controller application for easy set-up, quick learning, user engagement. The goal was to increase the flight time and hence the overall experience of flying drones.

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Frame 48.png

TCS | Global Help Desk

Lead UX Designer

Global helpdesk (GHD) is a TCS application for associates around the globe. It is a one-stop solution for associate requirements. The system facilitates as a bridge between employees & services provided by the organization. 

Service design | HolaChef

UX Designer

Services are developed for customer benefits, value, and experiences. We studied and mapped the existing service blueprint of Holachef to identify design opportunities and potential gaps in the system. Following the design process, we developed a new service blueprint developments in service.

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User Study | Ultimatix

UX Research

Ultimatix is a set of enterprise applications, used by over a half-million TCS associates. TCS was looking for enterprise mobility and the modernization of Ultimatix. The starting point was to conduct a high-level user study. We tried to understand the existing problems and needs of users. 

Carnival Corp. | Web Apps

Lead UX Designer

Digital transformation and data visualisation for Carnival Corp. Designing modern end-user and enterprise applications for clear communication and ease of use. 

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