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Service design | HolaChef


Holachef, a Mumbai-based online curated food delivery service is bridging and extending the conventional food preparation (at home) and food delivery service. They moved into a pre-order space instead of an on-demand service. Users can pre-order the food delivery for a selected time slot. Holachef is a series B funding and is backed by Kalaari Capital and Ratan Tata

Services are developed for customer benefits, value, and experiences. we studied and mapped the existing service blueprint of Holachef to identify design opportunities and potential gaps in the system. Following the design process, we developed a new service blueprint addressing all the pain points of existing service through touchpoint ecosystem and service encounters. The new service blueprint is a roadmap of developments in service.

Design approach | Double diamond 
Double Diamond Approach.png

| Stakeholders 

programmer 1 (Traced).png

End user

User orders food from HolaChef using the website or mobile app.

chef 1 (Traced).png


The chef at HolaChef prepares the pre-ordered meal and keep it ready for delivery.

delivery-man 1 (Traced).png

Delivery person

Delivery executive picks up the order once ready for delivery.

Group 2.png

Team HolaChef

HolaChef team keeps track of all the orders and resolves queries. 

Existing service blueprint
Pain-points in the current system
  • The process of creating and maintaining the menu should be more inclusive and transparent for the chef. The chef can help with proper descriptions, images, and points to highlight.

  • Test samples are checked by the HolaChef team frequently, The chef should get to know the detailed feedback with actionable insights to improve the taste and overall sale of his/her dishes.

  • The marketing team should make sure that all the chefs are getting equal opportunities and maintain the constant flow of orders by targeted promotion. 

  • lack of PIN code or address prompt on lading of the app leads to errors as the Food menu is location specific and users end up ordering items that can't get delivered to his/her location.

  • Details of the dish such as ingredients, process, and allergic content caution are missing. Also, users need to be informed about the time slots for which the menu is available.


  • Once an order is placed user would like to track his/her order, Live tracking is essential as the user gets an idea about the delivery time and route of the delivery person.


  • The on-screen cancel option is not available in the current version, The User should get the cancel option on-screen with the details of cancellation charges and Team Holachef can connect with the customer to understand the reason for the cancellation

Proposed Service Blueprint

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